Attention Humans: If you're ready to change your life, join us for 12 weeks of pure transformation & watch how you will begin to experience life's overflow & abundance.

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Allow Yourself To Become A Harmonized Human & Become A Magnet That Manifests Anything You Desire (Because You Are ONE With Nature)

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Platinum Plus Package

Here's What You'll Get:

  • LIVE Group Coaching: Get 12 weeks of LIVE coaching with Garrain Jones & learn to harness nature's power and become a Harmonized Human, which will amplify every area of your life – mental & physical health, relationships, & even your money-game ($119,997 Market Value)
  • ​LIVE Support & Growth Calls: Get a dedicated support coach that will empower you to play full out throughout the mastermind so that you stretch your capacity and frequency to the level that's needed for you to hold the BIGness that you desire in your life ($5,997 Market Value)
  • ​Real-World Expansion Exercises: You GET to lean into discomfort & do it anyway with our weekly challenges that you're going to complete alongside your brothers and sisters in this mastermind so that each of you not only becomes a Harmonized Human, but collectively, you all make an impact on others' lives (Priceless - millions of dollars worth of growth)
  • ​Harmonized Groups: You'll get to build deep connection & lasting relationships with the souls in your small groups & work together with exactly the right people that we KNOW you need in your life to tap into that power – together (Priceless - life long friends & partnerships)
  • Lifetime On-Demand Access: Get lifetime access to all the Harmonized Human Mastermind replays so that you can always put yourself back in that moment where you felt most certain & embody that frequency as you go out into the world and share your gifts – the world needs YOU ($9,997 Market Value)
  • ​Monthly Get-Togethers (In-Person & Online): For the first time ever, get exclusive invites to private hangouts with Garrain, our team, and all of the mastermind participants (yes, some will fly in for this) so that we can connect as Harmonized Humans in the flesh and just enjoy the human-to-human, soul-to-soul connection – while further building those deep connections with your family ($29,997 Market Value)
  • ​Celebration & Acknowledgments Ceremony: Allow yourself to be seen by not only your mastermind & our team, but by your loved ones so that your new frequency inspires them to wake up & live life as a Harmonized Human – we're going to need as many souls as possible as we go into this era of AI – we are the ones to wake up the Humans so they become Harmonized with nature & the laws of the Universe (Priceless – compounding effect on the human race)
  • ​Host a LIVE 'Harmonized Human' In-Person Event: Get real-life experience in creating & hosting a transformational event in the Austin area that you and the other mastermind participants will lead – giving you an inside look as to how we do these types of events and most importantly, so you can see how lives are instantly impacted when you share your gifts (Priceless - massive growth opportunity)
  • ​Get Unstuck: After the 12-week mastermind, get lifetime access to Get UNSTUCK, Garrain's 7-week course to finally break free from the cycle of things that have kept you stuck since a child ($17,288 Market Value)
  • ​Relationship Mastery: After the 12-week mastermind, get lifetime access to Relationship Mastery, Garrain and Blair's 6-week program to create a powerful relationship of abundant love with your current, or future, partner ($11,756 Market Value)
  • ​12 Months of Artist Power Collective: After the 12-week mastermind, get a full year of access to our membership & community platform – currently in beta as we build the future of personal development & connection online ($9,997 Market Value)
  • ​V.I.P. Admission to Next Retreat: Get a 4-day VIP ticket to our Awaken the Artist Within retreat & join us a day early deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and continue your adventure of awakening your Artist Power alongside 50 other amazing souls – VIP tickets will include an on-site stay with preferred room and board ($43,289 Market Value)
  • ​VIP Adventure Day: Join us a day early as we embark on exciting adventures out in the Rocky Mountains alongside Garrain, our team, and the other VIP retreat participants – it'll be an experience you will not forget ($9,997 Market Value)
  • ​VIP-Day Private Dinner: End your adventure with Break bread with an exquisite dinner experience alongside Garrain, our team, and the other VIP participants ($997 Market Value)
  • ​Special Gift Bag: Get a carefully curated gift bag set with over $1,000 worth of merchandise, consumables, and other intentional goodies that you can take with you after the retreat ($997 Market Value)
  • ​1-on-1 Coaching: After the mastermind, get a private 45-minute virtual coaching (or in-person) session with Garrain Jones to further process and amplify everything that you get from this mastermind ($9,997 Market Value)
  • ​Welcome Home Ceremony: Get a private 6-hour immersive session called the Welcome Home Ceremony with Garrain where you'll go deep in every area of your life to Awaken the Artist Within yourself ($25,000 Market Value)

Total Value: $292,312

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